Work smarter, not harder next season. Improve field operations, visualize path plans and maximize productivity using Launch Pad technology.


Unlock access to your entire farm all in one simple-to-use web based solution. Verge’s geospatial software, Launch Pad was developed by growers for growers to optimize the movement of machinery on the farm.  Verge’s software minimizes economic and environmental costs while maximizing field efficiency.


Path Planning

Create optimal path plans for a field operation, visualize the impact of changing track directions, and compare against previously used paths.

  • Tweak input parameters
  • Visualize optimized path plans
  • Compare path plans

Growing Season Analysis

Evaluate the impact of optimizing seeding over the course of application and harvest, view all path plans in a single map layer and in the same user interface tweak input parameters to refine optimal results.

  • Evaluate dependencies
  • Layering path plans
  • Modify path plans

Bulk Operations

Select multiple fields to generate optimal path plans concurrently, review saved path plans, analyze field operations all in one place, and push respective path plans to OEM platforms.

  • Multi-field optimization
  • Processing notifications
  • Push guidance to OEM platform

Use everything your machines can give you!

Optimize field operations, visualize path plans, and maximize productivity.